Welcome to my very WildLab

WildLab together with YouTube channel “Milan Karakas” (ex. name WildMania) contains many useful things.


About the name “WildLab”, WildMania, or wildlab.org

Why I chose WildLab for my web-site and WildMania for my YouTube channel?! Since I love to experiment, and have constant need to do some scientific, semi-scientific or perhaps pseudo-scientific work, why not to call it Lab, or Laboratory. Similarly, my YouTube channel is pretty Wild – no specific category, but many good things may be found there. And this so called Lab is situated mostly in my kitchen, but not fixed. Some experiments are done outdoor, in nature. Some in some other place, so it is all wild.  And, my decision is to put extension .org, because it can’t be .com (I am not commercial person, not selling anything), it can’t be anything that is closer to my personality. So, WildLab and WildMania so far is the best what I can make.

Really wild things

Recently, got 3D printer, but not yet implemented on this website WildLab. Why?! Because I have too much things to do, not so much energy anymore (getting old, getting tired), no much time, and in past time no much ‘healthy’ sleep. Sleep deprivation gives me great ideas, but cost me my bad doing stuff performances.

Things constantly changes on WildLab

It may be slow, but it changes. So far, did not found proper ‘formula’ for best web performance, but working on it. Related to my sleep deprivation and lack of enough ‘life energy’, it may looks slow, it may feels boring, but now I am trying my best to improve web watching experience.

What is new

Also, recently started live streams on my YouTube channel WildMania. Many people suggested that I should notify them about time when live stream will be available. And I got idea to make scheduling notifier, just not sure yet how to implement and where. Once it is done, people can see what is next and mostly importantly WHEN.

Stay tuned!


5 hours of Rock’n’roll:

15 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Now, home page is about to change. Stuffity stuff(s) are moved to appropriate place. Nothing is lost. Just search and enjoy. Cheers,

  2. hello Milan
    i am having trouble getting the oled to display anything on the altimeter project. Can you let me know how you connected the display and the receiver please.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Milan
    Do you have a circuit diagram for the altimeter receiver, I am having no luck , my OLED is showing a bunch of pixels nothing else happens!

  4. If you use the syma x5hw props,you will get more lift and
    response.The props will screw into shaft no problem.
    I have a syma x5c-1 and a x5sw,new props made a huge difference fighting wind.My x5c-1 has racestar 8.5X20mm
    motors.I use Nanotech 750mah batteries.

  5. I know pubisher via youtube, very nice man and has very nice and creative videos.
    Thanks for all you work
    Youtube user: cooly32

  6. Want to send you a video I shot of the sun with one of my drones…I think you’ll find it interesting….Cat find anyone with footage like this..I can email it to you if you would send me your email address….I’m sure I’ve seen it posted but can’t find it at the moment….really enjoy your videos…learned a lot about rf frequencies from you…all my drones have antennas I made from watching you….and work great!!!!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!!!!!! I would love your comments on what I captured on this video…. I’ll send it as soon as I get your email address….

  7. Hello .now I am learning stm32f103 so I am going to button project but I do not know how to use gpio dir register. Can you explain me button on stm32??????

  8. I just found your website and hope to learn STM32 Programming with Keil. I know how to flash with the ST Link (v2).
    I fly BetaFPV 65S lite brushed drone NFE Silverware firmware.
    The quadcopter uses the STM32F030F4, flies in level and acro mode and has a built in Bayang protocol 2.4GHZ receiver. and a 25mw VTX. I found this low cost PCB : (STM32F030F4P6 CORTEX-M0 48MHz Core Minimum System Development Board ) on ebay and plan on getting one.

    The quadcopter is excellent, tough, fast flier.

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