Arduino Variometer

Notification for paragliders

Sorry for waiting that long. I found how to change Arduino code for paragliders. But I have no way to test it. If you need that for your paraglider or whatever flying thing, please leave me comment below. We need first test it, so that I can be sure that it works, then will upload this post. Thanks. Sensitivity can be changed in next line (original value is 50). line 31:

toneFreq = (lowpassSlow – lowpassFast) * 10;

The main part is with silencing vario when no much ressure/altitude change (now it is silent between certain points, experiment with those values -50 and 50, maybe -30/30, or -70/70, this is how much frequency will change with pressure change in time):
line 39:

if (toneFreq < -50 || toneFreq > 50 && ddsAcc >0 )

Sorry, previous change on this web page was wrong for same reason. This one should work. I am not sure what happened, perhaps forgot to update.

Please notify me after you confirm that it is useful for paragliders.

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About me

You are about to read who I am: Milan Karakaš from Croatia.

Milan Karakas

For those who are not familiar with Croatian letters, just Milan Karakas. Doesn’t matter how you pronounce this letter.  Born in Croatia, year 1962, in relative small town Vinkovci, and still live there. I am electrician by my education, but my hobbies gives me insight into many other things, such as electronic, flying RC airplanes and quad-copters, and many more.


Maybe. Some people see me as eccentric, and maybe I am. Almost all my life I am trying to be ‘normal’, whatsoever this means. But, someone told me honestly that I am little bit eccentric, so after some thinking, I gave up of trying to be ‘normal’ by any definition. I am who I am, I can’t change anything about me and my life. In the same time, I am not forcing to show to people that I am eccentric, but also did not hesitate to do many eccentric things.

Why no high-er education then?!

Well. At first, I was very intimidated by amount of learning in short time to get some diploma. And it may cost a lot, not only in $$, but also frustration and related things. Good period of my life wondering whether I should to go to some high school, but always got the same conclusion: diploma is just a paper, real learning actually never stops. Especially today, when internet is present, which was not so in my growing phases. Anyone who want to know more, there is plenty of things to learn over the internet. Maybe more than good old way of reading books. I read many books about physics, optics, lasers, radio and electronic, but all of that is just some foundation for continuation of learning over the internet.

Job? Employment?

I worked as electrician for one year, then change job and worked in Ministry of defence. After war in Croatia, my father opened Accountancy/Bookkeeping, and changed job again. In the meanwhile opened my own business as a professional photographer, but this job did not last long – in year 2004 got heart attack, and almost died. Since then, my mental and physical health begins to degrade, and very soon I got retirement. Simply, I can’t work more than one or two hours in continuation. I wish to write more about my life, but right now feel bad about all of that, so maybe latter…

Plans for the future

So far, as situation developing, no bright future, nor fixed plans. I am trying to share my accumulated knowledge with others, mainly over my YouTube channel(s), and now on this website. but it is not always easy. It is not just about common knowledge, but some peculiar findings that make many things interesting. That is why I call it wild.

Thank you for visiting my wild website.