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Ultralight DIY quadcopter – 45 grams only

Ultralight Do It Yourself “drone”

Ultralight quadcopter, simple and easy to build:

In order to make ultralight quadcopter, here is whole tutorial:

Why to build when anyone can buy?!

Reason is simple: by building your own ultralight “drone”, you learning how things works. Also, it may outperform manufactured drone, you may add LED lights, change antenna for longer flight range, change motors from 7 mm diameter to 8.5 mm diameter for more power, you may use any 1S battery which has decent capacity, you may add your small camera (as is Mobius or better Mobius mini), and many other reasons. Aside that, since there is not defined battery compartment, you may use one type of the battery for one flight, and another type for another one. Only one problem is that you should use electrical insulating tape or scotch tape to fix battery, but that is the ‘beauty’ of DIY work and hobby.

How long it can fly?!

It depends of ‘luck’ – on the market, there are good, medium and really bad motors. The same thing is with propellers. My earlier ultralight quadcopter had flight time of 13 minutes with 26 grams Mobius camera attached, or almost 30 minutes ‘naked’, without camera. Only bad thing here is that I have no proof – because this older version… I recorded whole long flight, but at last seconds quadcopter felt into river – then I attempted to rescue it, and I felt into water, then camera on which it is recorded felt into water and recorded video is lost – because camera is destroyed by water.

Any flight example?!

Yes. Here is one video example of only 12 minutes flight without camera. Pretty short flight for such ultralight quadcopter, especially when I know that it can perform better.:


But, be careful – it is so light that can trick you and fly away:

In the case that you suspect that motors are ‘baked’ (magnets weak due to overheat:

Some good things

Recently I posted about 12 minutes flight – and that is too short for this type of the ultralight quadcopter. So I changed motors and it can fly much longer. But, as always I pushed my luck and burned few motors by lifting too heavy camera (Xiaomi Yi – which is 70 grams). Now waiting for new motors, which will arrive soon. So I will make another video example.

Stay tuned for updates!

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DIY quadcopter: FrankenDrone

Maiden of “FrankenDrone”,  DIY quadcopter

So far, managed to record video maiden (first flight) of my new “FrankenDrone”, DIY quadcopter. It has JJ1000 controller board, gears and propellers (props) from Syma X5C, with 7×20 mm motors.

Upgrading stronger motors

Now upgraded to FY326 gearbox and motors 8.5×20 mm. My flight with Mobius camera onboard failed because microSD card has some problem with deleted files. Camera showing that it recording, but I can’t find video files on microSD card. Now, after quick format, everything works fine. Here will be updated status of the experimental flights.

The difference between gearboxes of Syma X5C and FY326 Q7

Syma X5C, as well as its clone Bayangtoys X8 has some problem with vertical “play” of the main shaft which holds props. Gearbox with motor mount and prop mount has no such problem, or it is very minimal play, maybe 0.5 mm, while Syma X5C and Bayangtoys X8 has this “movement freedom” of about 1-1.5 mm. It is not a problem during flight, since props pulling this shaft up, and gears are aligned perfectly. But, noticed that gearbox from FY326 (original designation of this quadcopter is Q7) is more silent. On Syma X5C gearbox, I can clearly hear strange noise produced by movement of pinion and gears, while on gearbox from FY326, this noise is very low.

Further improvement

Gearbox has 3 x 3 mm square profile, but I found only 3 mm round aluminium rod, and used it. The problem with this rod is that aluminium by default is hard to drill – broke 3 drills and did not make hole for screw to fix it properly. Now found better option on Aliexpress, but so far… haven’t money to buy. It will be long(ish) waiting until it happens. 🙁

Excellent carbon square,  3 x 3 mm can be found here.

For more range & installing buzzer

I already modified JJ1000 remote with “V” antenna, and should to upgrade similar antenna on the quadcopter to get maximum possible range, since I want to fly it FPV. In order to avoid duplicate post, anyone interested in extending range, can found it on my webpage here. Note that diagram on this page is for Syma X5C, and Bayangtoys X8. On JJ1000 board, installing buzzer is much simpler:

Just solder +ve of the buzzer on cahtode of the diode, and -ve on drain of the MOSFET which run on/off LEDs on the quadcopter. After binding, buzzer whistling all the time, and then press right “shoulder” button for 3 seconds to turn LEDs and buzzer off. Battery alarm will sounds and LEDs will blinks. In the case of lost quadcopter, just turn of remote, and buzzer will sounds, LEDs will blinks. Easier to found.

Choice of the buzzer

At first model of my FrankenDrone, I am using buzzer from some programmable LEDs which has buzzer in between, but this option is bit expensive. Then ordered buzzers from Aliexpress – little one, just 0.67 grams. But it is big disappointment – not loud enough. Reason why I wanted so light buzzers is to install it on smaller quadcopters, but this one is big and has no such issue with little bit heavier buzzer. This one from Banggood.com is the best option:

The rule about buzzer

For indoor flight, quiet buzzer is okay, but this makes no sense to install it when indoor flight – you always can find your quad. The louder the better. If it does not give you “instant headache” when sounds, it is not good for outdoor flight with quadcopter. Consider next situation: strong wind blows away your quadcopter, and it flyaway into some bush. The same wind may be sufficiently loud to “override” volume of some small and silent buzzers. So, louder is better. This one above is sufficiently loud, but I want more, still searching for cheap yet louder one. 🙂

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