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Ultralight DIY quadcopter – 45 grams only

Ultralight Do It Yourself “drone”

Ultralight quadcopter, simple and easy to build:


In order to make ultralight quadcopter, here is whole tutorial:

Why to build when anyone can buy?!

Reason is simple: by building your own ultralight “drone”, you learning how things works. Also, it may outperform manufactured drone, you may add LED lights, change antenna for longer flight range, change motors from 7 mm diameter to 8.5 mm diameter for more power, you may use any 1S battery which has decent capacity, you may add your small camera (as is Mobius or better Mobius mini), and many other reasons. Aside that, since there is not defined battery compartment, you may use one type of the battery for one flight, and another type for another one. Only one problem is that you should use electrical insulating tape or scotch tape to fix battery, but that is the ‘beauty’ of DIY work and hobby.

How long it can fly?!

It depends of ‘luck’ – on the market, there are good, medium and really bad motors. The same thing is with propellers. My earlier ultralight quadcopter had flight time of 13 minutes with 26 grams Mobius camera attached, or almost 30 minutes ‘naked’, without camera. Only bad thing here is that I have no proof – because this older version… I recorded whole long flight, but at last seconds quadcopter felt into river – then I attempted to rescue it, and I felt into water, then camera on which it is recorded felt into water and recorded video is lost – because camera is destroyed by water.

Any flight example?!

Yes. Here is one video example of only 12 minutes flight without camera. Pretty short flight for such ultralight quadcopter, especially when I know that it can perform better.:


But, be careful – it is so light that can trick you and fly away:

In the case that you suspect that motors are ‘baked’ (magnets weak due to overheat:

Some good things

Recently I posted about 12 minutes flight – and that is too short for this type of the ultralight quadcopter. So I changed motors and it can fly much longer. But, as always I pushed my luck and burned few motors by lifting too heavy camera (Xiaomi Yi – which is 70 grams). Now waiting for new motors, which will arrive soon. So I will make another video example.

Stay tuned for updates!

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