Handsfree camera mount with Mobius

Handsfree camera mount

Handsfree camera mount is easiest to make than you think. I saw many people on YouTube struggling with using various cameras, ranging from smartphones to GoPro cameras, and sometimes really big cameras. Sometimes people using tripod, which is between them and the object of interest. Tripod is fine, but it is great obstacle for free movement. So, idea is not new – but for some reason people are not aware of this possibilities. For this reason I made this page and next video about how handsfree camera mount should looks like.

Video about Mobuis camera mount:

Why exactly Mobius camera?

Because it is slim, it has lens at ‘proper place’, can record up to 2 hours, and it is lightweight. Video quality is excellent – 1080p, 30 fps, which is good for everything. Just charge battery, insert microSD card (can be up to 64 GB with ‘exFAT’ setting, or 32 GB with ‘standard’ FAT setting), and record your video. Price for the Mobius camera is affordable, it cost about $70 US. Just need to add some nice microSD card, preferably class 10 or better.

Camera is upside-down

Yes. In the mSetup, chose video setting and 180 degree rotation:


Now, video will be automatically rotated 180 degrees, so no need to do anything special in post-processing of the video. For better video quality, you may chose ‘video data rate’ high, but I found that everything from ‘low’, ‘standard’ up to ‘high’ works fine. It is not so drastic improvement, but anyway I am using ‘high’ if possible.

Video example:

How to fix camera holder under baseball hat

All you need your favorite baseball hat, nylon thread and some strong needle. Since this thread is very strong, you no need too much of it, just be sure that it is firmly fixed, and that camera is exactly in the center and oriented correctly, so that video is not angled. Using nylon thread is just one suggestion, you may use what is handy to you.

Some pictures – so simple:


Handsfree Mobius camera is ready for filming


Happy filming!

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