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VFX and CGI tutorials

This is main page with introduction about incoming tutorials about VFX (Visual Effects) and CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) using various software.

No matter whether you are VFX artist, 3D modeler, or just enthusiast who want to know more about film industry, or video ‘tricks’ for your video channel (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, instagram) or whatever. This topic is for you.

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At first, I will focus on Blender – free software. But I will not insist on using just one software, because some of them are faster in one field, better in another, bad in some cases. So, no matter what, I will try to use all available software so that ‘job’ will be done as better as possible and as easier as possible.

My idea is to make YouTube tutorials, but also provide all materials used in those tutorials if possible. The limiting factor is this site – sometimes it allows me to upload only 8 MB videos, limited HDRI images with maximum of 2500 pixels (HDRI can go very high in memory usage and pixel count).

Not sure whether it is property of WordPress, or web site provider, but there are many restrictions. Later, if needed, I may find other ways to deliver materials for learning.

First page is without comment section, why?!

After careful thinking, this page will be more or less ‘fixed’ (not changing so often), while other pages will be actually something like blog posts, where you can comment, ask for the clarification or help. Also it will contain just introductory materials as is YouTube introduction and this text page. Maybe with some additional materials added later.



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