STM32 example of DSP, ADC and DAC

DSP possible on small MCU?

Yes, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is possible with some speed limitations. For example, if FIR filter (Finite Impulse Response) has too much taps, whole loop process will be slow, and sampling ratio depends strongly of number of those elements. Out there exist specialized MCUs with additional hardware for floating point calculation (FPU), but our STM 32 or whatever MCU you are using, can do DSP.

First, we need to find some math to calculate ‘taps’, you may use your GNU radio companion for that, or some free online calculators as is this one (really simple):

Just set parameter of wanted frequency filtering, and on the right side you have two choices: plain text or C/C++ code. Chose code and copy/paste into my codes in ‘coefficients.h’ file, replacing old ones (or just comment old one with ‘//’. Change “static double filter_taps[FILTER_TAP_NUM] = {…” into “static const float taps[] = {….”, that is because it is intended for PC and other high frequency CPUs instead our MCUs. Name in ‘[]’ square brackets is defined above by “#define FILTER_TAP_NUM”, so leave those brackets empty, else compiler may complain about re-definition.

The codes:


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