Review of Flytec 9118 1/18 4WD off road RC climbing car from Banggood

Flytec off road climbing car

Got this beautiful Flytec car from Banggood. It is not proportional, but for such low price (price fluctuate, at first it was $27, then go down to $25, then $20, and now is more like $25 US again). And, if you want some discount, please use  Coupon Code: RCsuek

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Flytec 9118 1/18 2.4G 4WD Alloy Off Road RC Climbing Car

Range of remote controller is about 25 meters. Tried to change antenna on the transmitter, but seems that this thing work on WiFi or BlueTooth, so once out of range, you should go closer and it will bind again.

NiCd battery

Yeah, I am not happy with this battery. There is room however to use some Li-Po battery, say 1S (3.7V). Someone told me that 2S (7.4V) is too much and that car goes too fast. I bet that motors and everything else wear faster at higher voltage. So, keep it below 5V. Charging time is cca. 3 hours (charger is included, and it is USB charger), that is another bad – I wish to have more battery pack, so that I can change on field quickly.

Not proportional

I know, that is bad thing. But with some patience, it is possible to learn to drive it as if it has proportional controls for wheels and throttle. Usually I am using this car to play with my cats. 😀 They are not scared anymore, since many times I have toys that produce weird sounds as is quadcopters for indoor flight. They are just curious.

Plastic casing

Just roof and cabin is made of aluminum, everything else is plastic. But, I am surprised how though is that plastic. So, no worry there.

Rubber wheels

Really good one – little bit on soft side, but this car is not too heavy, and ‘dancing’ on rocks like it should dance (please take look at my video above).

Blinking LED

Inside is red/blue LED that changes color. I wish that it has front and back lights, but for cca. $20-$25, I can’t complain.



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