STM32 programming

STM32 MCUs programming in Keil

Not so long time ago, I decided to play with micro controllers. My first MCU was PIC and my first programs were in assembler code. That is because low memory space and need for fast execution. Later someone said that I should try to program it in C language. And that solved many problems, and things going faster. Then ‘hit the wall’ because of lack of information and examples how to do something. After that, some time spent in Arduino environment, which is fine for beginners and for really fast results. Just… after a while, there arrive need for something faster, and instead Atmel chips, I decided to use STM32 series. Luckily there are libraries and everything in Arduino IDE thing. But, some of the libraries does not behave as I wish. So, next logical choice is to use something that resembles ‘true C’ rather than ‘sketch’ things. Start is really difficult. For that reason, I want to share with you some experience in programming STM32 MCU family and Keil environment. Keil is free for use, but with limited options and with limited code use – maximum 32 kByte. For beginner like me, that is more than enough. Later will decide what will do – or buy (well, it is expensive), or switch to something else if exist at all.

Later will include some YouTube videos.


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