DIY projects

DIY page without any project?!

Yes, no diy project. Did not noticed that this page is not edited properly until now.

What is missing here?!

Here will be plenty of tutorials, DIY materials and more. Just need time to solve some minor problems. Got headache messing with all that page data, menus, analytics, and similar. This is just a menu holder – there are already sub-menus containing some projects.

Not tonight 😀

Right now, 4:30 local time… it is time to go into bed, finally.  More to come one day… soon…


Yes, Search Engine Optimization – right now it is in red if I do not write at least 300 words, so I will write something about everything, and perhaps including some picture. Okay, now is green.

Test image

Some random image:


Little bit more


Gaahhh… it asks for more words. This… okay. More words. Word #1, Word #2, uh… no more, it stuck on 150 words and ask for more 150 words. This page will be so stupid to read, since it is just a temporary page, nothing final.

Okay, enough. Good night! 😀

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