Welcome to my very wild Lab

File that many desperately need for Eachine H8 acro mode/stab mode flash:





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…and help me to speed up projects. Design is sometimes pain in the… but you already know that. Down below, ‘crying’ about Patreon fail, but you can help by opening Banggood account, and when you are buying materials on it, I am getting some points. Here is the link to Banggood referal. If you already have Banggood account, don’t worry, here is another way how you can help me just by buying stuff:

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Thank you very much!

Examples of my projects

Here is one brief example what you can find in my Lab. DIY quadcopter:


Another example with modified Bayangtoys X8 – Antenna mod, buzzer installed, and modified Mobius attached:

It is not all “that green”, I made Patreon campaign, but so far nobody participate. I am in great delay with all my projects. Not because of Patreon, but spring things have to be done first. cultivating my backyard… If anyone change mind:

Here is test flight of EFV (Experimental Flight Vehicle), but you may call it Drone if you prefer:

Square carbon tubes, 3 x 3 mm not yet arrived from Aliexpress, so I can’t and will not give you instructions how to make your own DIY version. This is because current version has aluminium rod of 3 mm diameter as an arms, and it has tendency to twist. From this point to replacing aluminum to carbon is simple, but I want to be 100% sure that this will work. Controller board in my example is one from damaged JJ1000, small quadcopter, as well as remote controller. You may use any… but this will be described somewhere on this website.

About the name “WildLab” or wildlab.org

Since I love to experiment, and have constant need to do some scientific, semi-scientific or perhaps pseudo-scientific work, why not to call it Lab, or Laboratory. And this so called Lab is situated mostly in my kitchen, but not fixed. Some experiments are done outdoor, in nature. Some in some other place, so it is all wild.  And, my decision is to put extension .org, because it can’t be .com (I am not commercial person, not selling anything), it can’t be anything that is closer to my personality. Perhaps one day, out there will be extension .diy or similar, which will be much better. Until then, “dot org” is okay to me. 😀

What google has to say about adjective wild?

Google search for word ‘wild’ (opens in new tab).

And finally, the conclusion

This website finally begins to look good, at least to me. Yet, I need lot of work to do to make it really pleasant place that anyone want to back and visit again. Thank you for your support.

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    1. Now, home page is about to change. Stuffity stuff(s) are moved to appropriate place. Nothing is lost. Just search and enjoy. Cheers,

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