Arduino Variometer

Notification for paragliders

Sorry for waiting that long. I found how to change Arduino code for paragliders. But I have no way to test it. If you need that for your paraglider or whatever flying thing, please leave me comment below. We need first test it, so that I can be sure that it works, then will upload this post. Thanks. Sensitivity can be changed in next line (original value is 50). line 31:

toneFreq = (lowpassSlow – lowpassFast) * 10;

The main part is with silencing vario when no much ressure/altitude change (now it is silent between certain points, experiment with those values -50 and 50, maybe -30/30, or -70/70, this is how much frequency will change with pressure change in time):
line 39:

if (toneFreq < -50 || toneFreq > 50 && ddsAcc >0 )

Sorry, previous change on this web page was wrong for same reason. This one should work. I am not sure what happened, perhaps forgot to update.

Please notify me after you confirm that it is useful for paragliders.

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