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Night sky – photos and videos – timelapse

Sky at night

Sky at night is a series of timelapses, photos and videos made mostly at night. Just recently discovered my passion about capturing this things. So far, I am using Xiaomi Yi action camera, Firefly 7s, Canon EOS 20D (now broken), and very soon I will got Sony A6300 – beautiful mirrorless camera that can ‘see’ better in low light condition – less noise.

Night videos

Some things are uploaded on my YouTube channel “wildlab.org”:

Another things are uploaded on my old channel “Milan Karakas”, but most people know this channel as “WildMania”. I gave up and change name back from all that weird names into my first and last name.

Here are some videos so far on the ‘dark’ sky:

Recently someone bring name “Astro-Lapsing”, or “AstroLapsing”, “AstroLapse” and similar – that is Astro-Photography made by ‘zillion’ photos taken at night and ‘connected’ together into relatively short timelapse video.

I think I am not the only one who love to see slow things moving faster, so for this reason it is name “time lapse” or “timelapse”. Other thing is fast moving things slowing down, but this require specialized high speed camera, which cost a lot, and I am afraid – I can’t afford it. So, aside other fields, time lapses remains my favorite hobby so far.

Aside electronic, arduino programming, making and flying quadcopters and airplanes – when weather permits, I am almost whole night outdoor looking for new and exciting night sky scenery. Sometimes full moon may ruin some photos and videos, but sometimes it just provide an ‘auxiliary’ light that on long exposure photos looks as if it is lit by sun, except – there are stars in background.

Although this is blogpost, it will be updated constantly with new things. So, stay tuned, and consider visiting my YouTube channels:

Milan Karakas



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